Monday, 30 January 2023

Mini-zoo Update


Unfortunately the Aquatics outlet that we have got to know well at Bradmore has been shut down (an energy crisis casualty sadly). Will miss Liam, Chris and Kieran as it's become a weekly outing for the family, each week collecting something new or starting a new project. They had to sell all their stock at reduced price so we stocked up on a few new fish and plant species.

Across the Paludarium, Gecko tank, Tropical Reef tank, Freshwater tropical tank and the mini-farm animals we now have 74 species (of plants and animal including live foods). I'm still cycling the Reef tank and there are still traces of nitrites so still waiting to add the first animals in there but we should be able to get to the target 100 species with corals, hermit crabs, marine snails and marine fish and shrimps etc. 

We added springtails to the Paludarium yesterday to increase the bioactive element to the system.   

There's quite a bit of science behind establishing these mini-ecosystems, especially the marine reef tank so it's a great thing to do with the boys to introduce them to natural processes.   

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