Thursday, 16 April 2020

Beddington Farmlands Lockdown Spoonbill and Marsh Harrier

Had a mad five minutes from the window this afternoon.  Cloud was coming in over the farmlands and there was a bit of light rain, so I thought I'd have a look to see if any high flying birds might get flushed out the sky. Within a few seconds I looked up to see a high flying first-summer Spoonbill flying east (it then got mobbed by gulls and headed off north) and five minutes later a female type Marsh Harrier flew south east. These birds were presumably associated with the edge of the front (or cell), which presumably acts as some kind of migration interface which birds either get blocked by or pushed along by. I waited another three hours after that but nothing more apart from a couple of Swallows and a Meadow Pipit. Also Willow Warbler and Whitethroat were singing from outside the window this morning. A pretty good day without leaving the flat! Ebird list HERE

So Spoonbill is the latest bird to be added to the good birds found or seen from the window. See here:  BIRDS FROM THE WINDOW

 Spoonbill being mobbed by large gull 
 Spoonbill- black tips to the primaries indicate a second calendar year bird (first-summer) . This is the 10th record for the farmlands mainly of single of two birds but in 2018 there were two flocks of 19 and 16. 
 Marsh Harrier 
One of the thousands of our local Rose-ringed Parakeets, outside the window today 

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