Thursday, 6 December 2018

December moths

There's been a few mild evenings recently which have brought some moths to the trap including December moths (up to 4). Mottled Umbers (up to 5), Light Brown Apple Moths, Eudonia angustea, Winter moths and a Satellite. 

I went over the farmlands yesterday to look through the gulls. Sorry to say it looks like tipping is drawing to a close (as the incinerator becomes fully operational) and there were only a couple of hundred gulls there- the end of an era. 

Been a lot of paperwork recently about the farmlands- planning applications and gearing up for a legal challenge next year. Looks like it is going to be a long winter of planning and putting together campaign and legal case material. I suppose now the gulls have gone nothing to distract me and even more reason to work towards getting the new habitats created and all our bird/wildlife group objectives met because the birding is going to get very tough now the gulls are history and the reserve development remains stuck in limbo. 

 A nice selection of Mottled Umbers showing some of the variation (also a Winter Moth bottom left) 
 Mottled Umber (above and below)- striking specimens 

Eudonia angustea- this narrow winged 'scop' is pretty distinctive 

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