Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tales from the Bugry

 Started getting Starlings coming into the bugry and eating the moths so I borrowed Darryl's Potter trap and caught this one. Interesting to see the moult out of juvenile plumage.
 Scorched Carpet
 Oegoconia quadripuncta
 Swallow-tail moth
 Soldier fly sp.
 Ledra aurita- a large leafhopper with unmistakable large ears projections
Common Grass Veneer and Orchard Ermine (i think)
It was hectic last night in the heat wave conditions. Well over 100 moths and 12 new for year including Tree-lichen Beauty and Swallow-tail moth. A real mix of insects with lots of beetles- ground, rove and water beetles, ladybirds, leafhoppers, caddisflies, a mayfly, a robber fly, a soldier fly, picture-winged fly, loads of mosquitos and midges- its was manic. Lots of micro moths too.
Just heard a Turnstone calling from the window.

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