Friday, 23 November 2012

Beddington Park and Trees

Weeping Willow over the Mill Pond
Giant Redwood by the Grange
London Plane by the Meadow
Yew Trees in the Church 
Pines at Carew Manor

A break in the weather meant an excuse to have a walk round the Park with Gillian to look at the autumn trees. A real good tree selection including in addition to the above Swamp Cypress, Dawn Redwood, Liquidamber, Caucasian Wing-nut, Indian Bean, Mullberry and quite a few more.
When Beddington Farmlands finally opens as a public nature and country park it will be a contiguous public space with Beddington Park. We walked back through the farmlands along the permitted path- saw a male Wigeon on the North Lake. 


Darryl said...

You probably knew this already but, apparently, it's National Tree Week:


Peter Alfrey said...

I heard something about it- I've lived-link with those links. Cheers Darryllll.