Monday, 5 September 2011

The Initiation

I went to my first ever real moth trapping session this evening with Derek, Andy, Roger and Grommit. 17 species , new ones for me being Orange Swift, Red Underwing, Flounced Rustic, Six-striped Rustic and on the micro front: Garden Pebble (in the obs), Light Brown Apple and Bramble Shoot.

Before we started Derek read a prayer

Red Underwing

Orange Swift


wolfy said...

Marvelous! I especially love the moth hunting hound in the first photo.

Lee Dingain said...

Red Underwing is a corker! Haven't seen one for ages, but then I haven't been mothing for ages!

Peter Alfrey said...

An Old Lady almost got eaten by the hound!

Des McKenzie, said...

Pete, nice one. Not long into moth-trapping events myself (some few years now), enjoyable or what? They keep on coming, loads to learn, and a challenge on occasion.

I'm guessing that birders will help map macros with aplomb before long, lepidopterists being relativley uncommon - and butterflies / moths being properly irresistible. Besides, it ain't often you can regularly expect five or more new spp. on a casual jaunt (unless you tick bacterium).

Some notable once once said something like 'the study of lepidoptera is the study of variation;

Get in.

Des McKenzie

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Des,
Definately good fun.
Good to recapture that early excitement on the local patch again too.
I am trying to 'do' the moths, butterflies and botany at Beddington before I move on to the anything else alive- so potentially and endless job :-)
Nice1 Des