Thursday, 30 September 2010


Top to bottom: Vagrants from previous years, Common Nighthawk, Bobolink, Hudsonian Godwit, The island of Sao Miguel, Wilson's Petrels

October is almost on us which means one thing- it is the silly season for birding when birders spread out over the four corners of Britain and Europe to hunt rarities. The Azores are the top place in our region to find American vagrants and things are hotting up out there. I will be on the Azores from next weekend for two weeks and in the meantime will be nervously watching as this Azores season unfolds. Here is the latest from Dominic who is out there at the moment and has found one of my dream birds :

And as ever and always, latest news and pics are here:


Phil Bishop said...

Thats a Hudsonian Godwit in the photo, not a Whimbrel.

Peter Alfrey said...

Ha ha. - I've changed it now. Cheers.