Wednesday 23 December 2009

Hard Weather Movements- Beddington Farmlands

Images 1-5 (top to bottom): 1) Golden Plover heading S, 2) Lapwings moving S in 'V'ish formation, 3) Lapwings overhead, 4) Fieldfares heading S and 5) more Lapwing

The steady trickle of hard weather movement continues at Beddington. The tally so far:
18th December: 2 Dunlin
20th: 80 Meadow Pipit, 40 Skylark, 15 Reed Bunting, 181 Lapwing W
21st: 55 Lapwing W
22nd: 24 Golden Plover W, 32 Lapwing W
Today: 130+ Lapwing S and W, 1 Golden Plover S, 150 Redwing S, 50+ Fieldfare S and W
Mostly open field species have been affected where the frozen ground prevents them from feeding so they head west and south hoping for better feeding.
Looks like most of the Teal have left the farm, one or two Water Pipits are still holding out, the Moorhens have taken to the trees, I saw one Green Sandpiper today and one or two Snipe. The Bullfinches were still present along the path.

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