Saturday 12 December 2009


Just enjoyed reading the latest BB, I couldn't help thinking that it read a bit like 'a far right' publication. Tony Fox writes 'Quite apart from the ecological and economic damage that they may or may not do, I simply do not like to see alien species...they represent some kind of litter (and in many cases self-sustaining, increasing litter at that)'.

Seems a bit hard on some of my favourite introduced birds such as Mandarin (above with a Wood Duck). I also liked Ruddy Ducks until they were eradicated.
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Graham James said...

In a world that has been completely altered and will, most probably, be eventually destroyed by our own species, to describe any other species as alien or litter is ridiculous.
It is our own behaviour that is alien to the natural world.
The suggestion that 'alien' species cause 'ecological and economic damage' is ironic considering the amount of environmental damage we do ourselves.
I used to believe that Ring-necked Parakeets should be culled but I have since changed that view as it is our own actions that created the problem in the first place.
The world would still be in natural balance and harmony if it were not for our 'superior intelligence' (or should that read stupidity).

Peter Alfrey said...

I must admit the prospects overall do not look good but we (our species I mean) has beat the odds in the past.
Your totally right we are both the most stupid and most intelligent animal on earth.
No reason why we cant wise up (mass intelligence) and manage things better. It is just a choice thing. Just needs the will.
In the meantime looks like some of them want to take out their frustration on easy targets.