Tuesday, 28 July 2020

The Old Vicarge shift

Been working on the Azores reports and website this long weekend (work in progress HERE) so unfortunately didn't manage to get out in the field birding. Had a family day out yesterday to Green Dragon Eco-Farm and did some moth trapping and sound recording. Some new-for-year moths including Waved Black and a new for site- Gorse Crest and Maple Pug, If all goes to plan its a full days birding tomorrow.

 Waved Black 
 Scalloped Oak 
 Gorse Crest 
 The stunning Black Arches (above and below) 

Red Twin-Spot Carpet
Maple Pug (thanks Dave for id) 
Highlight of Green Dragon Eco-farm was these European Polecats- wild ones occur in the neighbourhood so good to become familiar with how to tell them apart from Ferrets (which they hybridise with- a domesticated form of Polecat). 

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