Friday, 3 July 2020

More Dodgy Moths

It's been another super busy week on the London shift. For some reason business is booming. I can only presume that people spending more time in gardens, not going on holiday and spending money on the garden instead is the reason? We've been running three teams out most days and I've been trying to keep up with that and the pace has also kept up on the Beddington Farmlands campaign (our petition has collected 1000 signatures, amazingly the campaign reached 22,000 people according to facebook stats this week ( Facebook page HERE ) and I'm still trying to complete our new website for the Azores Project (work in progress HERE).  We've got drones going out in Bulgaria this weekend ahead of the landscape architect designs for the Bulgaria project so basically its literally non-stop birding (all the projects are birding related). However the price of managing work is less time in the field and I've not been out in the field all week- hoping to regain balance next week. I've managed to keep the moth trapping up and here's a few highlights and ones I'm stuck on. 

 Rose Plume- a local rarity,  only the second record for Beddington 
 Waste Grass Veneer, Pediasia contaminella 
White-barred Groundling,  Recuvaria leucatella
 Dark Sword Grass, also been other migrants including good numbers of Silver Y (up to 7 a night) and Diamond-back Moths and some more Warted Knot-horns Acrobasis Repandana
 I went for Lesser Tawny Tubic, Batia lunaris
 Crambus perlella 
 I'm going for Thicket Knot-horn, Acrobasis suavella 
 This one looks more like Beautiful Knot-horn, Rhodophaea formosa
 STUCK! A worn Coronet? 
 An Argyresthia ?
 STUCK AGAIN ! and stuck on the next three too . Maybe an Ermine Knot horn, Phycitodes binaevella HERE
Bud moth (thanks AJP)- a variation of bud moth I've not noticed before, a darker one than more typical 

Maybe a Straw-barred Pearl, Pyrausta despicata HERE
Pine Hawk moth (and Elephant Hawk moth) last night. Just checked through all our records and this is a first for the farmlands. 


AJP said...

Stuck! = Possibly a warn Coronet?
4th picture from bottom is Bud moth

Peter Alfrey said...

It crossed my mind too-maybe a worn Coronet.