Saturday, 25 July 2020

Beddington Farmlands, this week's moths

Hit the ground running back in London this week with having to catch up after our week away last week. 35 clients to meet in two days! so I had to do quotes on Wednesday and Thursday and work through Thursday and Friday evening too to keep up with it. As a result didn't get out in the field so recording was confined to processing the moth trap before work. As the mobile obs was being repaired this week I didn't have all my equipment either so looking forward to a return to normal amount of work, all my gear back and time to get out in the field next week. This post covid rush we are experiencing at work is quite stressful but on the plus side we now have all the investment money that we need for the Bulgaria project without having to borrow anything. 

However despite the work enslavement still managed to 'find' a first for Beddington Farmlands in the form a Dark Umber. Also Scarce Silver Lines and Black Arches were class new for year moths. The Beddington moth list is now 231 species for the year. Also had Jersey Tigers this week and a platoon of invasives- Gypsy moth, Box-tree moths and Oak Processionary. 

 Dark Umber
 Scarce Silver Lines 
Black Arches

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