Monday, 13 July 2020

The Lizard- day one

We're on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall for the next week on a family holiday. A front came in during the afternoon and at the moment it is raining and foggy and the forecast is set to be cloudy for the rest of the week so not the weather for moths and butterflies I was hoping for. I only had a couple of hours this morning to get out and this afternoon was spent in tourist-world with Cornish Pasties at Penzance and fudge at Land's End before supplies in Sainsbury and then back at the camp site. 

 A walk from the campsite over Lizard Down to Kynance Cove was gorgeous in this morning's sun
 July Belle- lots of these on Lizard Down and also Latticed Heath, Silver-Y and Small Heath butterflies 
 I presume this is a worn Cream-bordered Green Pea in the moth trap this morning. Not too much different in the trap from what I get back at home apart from a few more July High Flyers, a Plain Golden-Y, a True Lover's knot and only the second Buff Arches I've had this year. . 
 A few of these were out on Lizard Down- not sure what it is
Stonechats(above), Linnets, Ravens and Meadow Pipits over the downs. There's supposed to be Choughs around but not caught up with them yet. 
Hoping to spend more time exploring the Serpentine heaths and scattered pools over the next few days, weather and three year old permitting 

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