Thursday, 23 May 2019

Moths off the Block

Finally the nights have got warmer, following weeks of cool evenings and weather dominated by a northerly airflow. 

Highlights in the moth trap this week include two Dewick's Plusias and a Pale Tussock with a supporting cast of the more regular Shuttle-shaped Darts, Pale Mottled Willows , Common Pugs etc. The Beddington moth year list is now on 50, most before March and then after the April dead spell is beginning to climb again this week. 

 Pale Tussock
 Dewick's Plusia- one of two this week 
 Green Pug 
 White Ermine 
 Turnip Moth 
 Shuttle-shaped Dart 
 Pale Mottled Willow 
and one that I forgot to post about- a Frosted Green from 24th April (also an Avocet around that time from the obs window). 

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