Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Cross Channel Weekend

Had a weekend in the campervan visiting Peter Adraiens in Belgium and did a bit of cross-channel birding to boot. First time I've over-nighted in the van completely off grid and used the Eurotunnel too. Did a bit of a recee of a few sites (Cap Gris-nez, Cap Blanc-nez and Wissant Marsh) ahead of planning some future long weekends. Here's a few pics; 

 Great Egret (above) and Spoonbill (below)- classic cross channel birds. Also heard Short-toed Treecreeper and loads of Nightingales, good numbers of other migrants, heard Cuckoo and if I had more time Crested Lark, Black Woodpecker, Bluethroat and Savi's Warblers were all available locally. Amazing what difference a sliver of sea makes. A bit more on Cross Channel Birding HERE

Female Hairy Hawker (above and below) - the central dot on s1, elongated spots on abdomen and two black lines on sides of thorax are all indicative of Hairy Hawker. You can also see the hairs on the below shot. 

 Wall Browns (above on Thrift and below). Interesting variation in colour and pattern. 

 Great Yellow-cress
 Roe Deer? at Wissand Marsh 
 View over towards Cap Gris-nez
 Cap Gris-nez
Over night spot with the truckers 

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