Thursday, 2 May 2019

Mallorca Day 5- Cabrera Island

An amazing day on the incredible Cabrera island off South Mallorca. Cabrera is the migrant and vagrant hotspot of Spain (the Fair Isle of Spain) and it's also a stronghold of two Mediterranean endemics that I needed for my WP list: Balearic Warbler and Moltoni's Warbler. In short, a total success with two bird lifers, a herp lifer and loads of migrants. 

Ebird list HERE

 Balearic Warblers (above) 
 Moltoni's Warbler (above) and presumed Moltoni's Warbler (below). The bird above was heard singing and calling- giving the diagnostic short rattle call. The bird below was silent. The salmon pink breast and underparts on both birds is typical of Moltoni's. Moltoni's Warbler reaches its western most part of its range on Cabrera island. 

 Mediterranean Flycatcher- this recently split species is very similar to Spotted Flycatcher but the white streaks on the head and almost unmarked upper breast are typical features of Mediterranean Flycatcher. 
 Balearic Woodchat Shrike (badius)- the lack of white at the base of the primaries is diagnostic
 Willow Warbler
 Female Black-eared Wheatear 
 Female 'Subalpine Warbler' - could be a female Moltoni's 
 Tree Pipit 
 Male Stonechat (on the 'mainland' while waiting for the boat) 
 Balearic Shearwater from the boat on way back. Also Scopoli's seen. 
 'Mediterranean' Shag 
 Sanderling and Turnstone on the beach while waiting for the boat 
 Lilford's Wall Lizard (above and below)- a very variable species with some almost black (below). Another Balearic endemic and one for the WP herp list. 

Cabrera Island from Mallorca


Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Nice Pics Mr ALfrey! You should visit Dragonera Island too. Good for migrants and Eleonora's breeding colony.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Jaffa! Had a small colony of Eleonora's off one of the Cabrera islets too. Cabrera is awesome, feels like a mega lurking everywhere.