Thursday, 9 May 2019

Green Party MEP candidate visit

Haven't had much time to get out in the field this week as been using up the energy that I stored up on holiday last week to catch up with the ongoing formal complaint to Sutton Council, a major paper that we are currently working on, Green Party, Extinction Rebellion and One Planet meetings  and it was back to money work today. 

One of the Green Party MEP candidates, Scott Ainslee, a TV and stage actor (HERE visited us for our local Green Party meetings and did a joint talk for Extinction Rebellion and the Green Party about how to drive the climate and ecological emergency petition forward. Scott is a Green Party councillor in Lambeth council who recently declared one there. While I was away the petition reached the necessary threshold of 1500 to warrant a full council hearing so now we have two petitions about Beddington Farmlands and other local environmental issues that will be heard by council committees this summer.  

 Scott Ainslee with our local Green Party group
A useful reminder of the state this planet is in. Some interesting ideological responses to this sad state on Johnathan Newman's facebook page HERE

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