Friday, 4 May 2018


Overall a massive success last night in Sutton. 
Lid Dems lost twelve seats, so now they have only have 30 seats out of 54- only 3 away from loosing control of the council.
The Greens in our ward got a total of 601 votes which is a doubling of the number of Green votes since the last local election. 
Critically Lib Dems lost Beddington North ward which is the ward Beddington Farmlands is mainly in. They lost it to three incinerator hating and anti Viridor Independents who could now replace the two lib dem Viridor shills on the Beddington Farmlands committee (CAMC).
A bloody great night! Lib Dems on the run, being punished for the incinerator, for being corporate lackeys and for destroying local wildlife.
Will Lib Dems now align with local groups and start standing about agaisnt the likes of Viridor or will we have to completely destroy them next time?

The counting house last night at midnight 

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