Friday, 11 May 2018

Bulgaria 2018, Day 4

Our official herping trip is over now but still got another 3 days in Shipka at the Balkan Ecology Project with the family. Been checking out the local area following on from previous efforts out here see HERE and HERE.

As always an absolutely stunning area and still managed to add further species to the herping list: Fire Salamander, Wall Lizard, Dice Snake and Slow Worm (Eastern). Now had 20 herp species on this trip! 

Will need to blog separately about the butterflies, moths, botany and other wildlife (as will need to identify most of the photo specimens). Certainly a eco-abundance out here. 

Did the fields around plot 2 yesterday and went up the valley and stream east of the Monastery this morning. Added a few new species for out Shipka bird list HERE- including Red-footed Falcon (at least two males over the plot 2 fields), Marsh Tit (in the valley this morning) and also had Barred Warbler away from Koprinka Lake (one along the foothill path in plot 2 area). Also had Grey-headed Wagtail. 

A few pics: 

 View over the Balkans and Shipka Monastery from Plot 2 area 
 Black-headed Bunting- also at least 4 Ortolans around and Cirl and Corn Buntings
 Long-legged Buzzard 
Long-legged Buzzard and Red-footed Falcons 
Dice Snake 

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