Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bulgaria 2018, Day 3

Another great day in the Eastern Rhodopes. Highlights today included Sand Boa, more Worm Snakes, Aesculapian Snake, Glass Lizard and Caspian Whip Snakes. 

Sand Boa 
Sand Boa 
Glass Lizard 
Glass Lizard 

Aesculapian Snake 
Caspian Whip Snake about to shed it's skin (in blue period) 

Happy Herpers 

Final Score:
Worm Snake 23
Caspian Whip Snake 4
Aesculapian Snake 1
Sand Boa 1
Dahl's Whip Snake 1
Grass Snake 2 (road kill)
Spur-thighed Tortoise 15
Hermann's Tortoise 1
Glass Lizard 1
Green Lizard 1
Balkan Green Lizard 4
Marsh Frog abundant
Green Toad common
Yellow-bellied Toad 4
Agile Frog 1
Smooth Newt 2
Eastern Slow Worm 1
Wall Lizard 2
Dice Snake 2
Fire Salamander 2 

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