Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Bulgaria 2018- Day 2

Epic Day. Dahl's Whip Snake, Caspian Whip Snakes, Worm Snake,  Hermann's Tortoise, Spur-thighed Tortoise, Yellow-bellied Toad, Green Lizard, Balkan Green Lizard, Smooth Newt, Marsh Frog and Green Toad. 

Here's a few pics:  

 Dahl's Whip Snake 
 Spur-thighed Tortoise 
 Hermann's Tortoise 
 Hermann's Tortoise showing the diagnostic nail on the tail 
 Yellow-bellied Toad doing the unkenreflex
Worm Snake- 7 so far - our visit coincided with the first rains in a month and during the mating season which explains why we've seen so many 
 Juvenile Caspian Whip Snake- one of three today, including two juveniles and sub-adult crossing the road 

Juvenile Caspian Whip Snake 

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