Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Election Day

So today's the day. It's been an action packed campaign. In our ward we've delivered over 10,000 flyers to over 4000 homes, ( three Green party flyers and three myth busting anti-establishment material), we've run a popular social media campaign across facebook and twitter, had a VIP visit from MEP Jean Lambert and had a demonstration/publicity walk to raise awareness of threats to our green spaces, attended local Hustings, had various meetings, a meet-the-public stall outside Hackbridge Train Station, carried out some green improvements in the local area, promoted our petition for Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve and even did a campaign song and music video.

Greens can make a real difference in local politics primarily by supporting local community groups and individuals and holding corporations and their local authority enforcers to account. As austerity, government cuts, de-regulation and the corporate takeover continues to impact on communities and the environment Green Policies are becoming the only solution. In the Wandle Valley Ward that is more of a pertinent issue than most areas as the ward is relatively deprived and heavily exploited so the Greens here can make an even bigger difference.

So Vote Green, vote for real change, for local reform, national electoral reform and best of all for a backlash agaisnt the local authority/corporate axis that is driving inequality, environmental decline and biodiversity meltdown.

Our flyer pack
MEP Jean Lambert and the Sutton and Croydon Greens calling for protection of Beddington Farmlands
Here on the Goat Bridge calling for better protection of all the green spaces and wildlife in our ward
Green Peter Friel at the Sutton Civic Society Hustings 
One of our campaign local green space planting projects
The Green Party is the party of the young so.....
My ward flyer- I'll donate my £10,000 councillor wage to green space improvements in the local area
and Here's our  anti-establishment campaign song, The Amazing magical Viridor Plan  HERE

AND..... PLEASE SIGN THE 5000+ strong petition below

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