Friday, 26 May 2017


Tom Brake is claiming he is going to continue protecting our local Green Spaces.
Despite countless correspondences and meetings with Tom Brake about the unfolding ecological collapse at Beddington Farmlands and the intrusion of waste management facilities across the coreland of the Regional Park by Viridor, Tom has never once ever on any occasion spoke out publicly or privately about the unfolding disaster, the continual illegal breach of environmental planning conditions by Viridor and the escalating degrading and decline of one of the largest and formerly most biodiverse green spaces in South London.
On the contrary he was a very vocal and prominent supporter of the Incinerator and a Viridor facilitator- the largest destroyer of green space in the borough.

Tom Brake:
 "Oaks Park is one of my favourite spots in Carshalton & Wallington. It's great to see a new dog-free play area for children and improvements to the cafe.
If re-elected, I'll continue to make sure our lovely green spaces are protected and enhanced."


Dylan Wrathall said...

A politician telling lies? Who'd have thought such things were possible - they're all in it for there own ends. They'll say whatever you want to hear during the election campaign and revert to type once (re) elected. Self serving liars - a very sad reflection on the sorry state our nation now finds itself in. In 2017, money talks even louder than ever.

Peter Alfrey said...

Brake used to be a little bit different but the environment has changed around him and he is caught up in mass corruption- he was clean in the expenses scandal which cannot be said for many of them. He has been swept along with the corrupted Sutton Council- Ruth Dombey runs the council like a one party state who have subbed out services to corporations and have to yield to them and Brake has to go along with it.If the corporations default on obligations or quality of service the council have no money to enforce conditions. Its a corporate take over- as local MP you either turn on the corps and get the power back locally or you betray the people.