Monday, 15 May 2017

A few bits from the weekend

Saturday morning at Beddington Farmlands 

 Second calender year Red Kite- the white streaks on the underparts are retained juvenile feathers indicating the age. The primary moult has started and most second calender year birds start the moult earlier than adults. Adults will also moult through the summer months- so most Red Kites this time of year are moulting their inner primaries- generally the more advanced birds are second calender year birds. 
 The extensive pale area in the upper wing, the pale tips to the greater coverts and the sub-terminal tail band are additional juvenile plumage features. Overall this bird is mostly in juvenile attire having had a rather limited moult so far.

Sunday Butterfly Transect at Otmoor

 Small Copper . Holly, Jacob and I did our butterfly transect on Saturday morning- it was rather windy so not too many species. Highlight was 2 Small Coppers. Plenty of birds on the transect including Hobby and Cuckoo. 

Sunday afternoon at the Old Vicarage

Did a bit more recording at the Old Vicarage- these longhorn moths were the highlights.

Yellow-barred Long-horn Nemophora degeerella
Meadow Long-horn Adela rufimitrella

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