Sunday, 28 May 2017

Spotted Flycatcher returns to the Old Vicarage

Great to see that Spotted Flycatcher has returned to Holly's garden this year. I only saw one today but hopefully a pair will return. There's a lot of territories in the garden including 2 Goldcrest and 1 Coal Tit with Mistle Thrush nearby. Already seen Song Thrush fledglings. 

The bioblitz continues with a few new moth additions and also working my way through the plants as they come into flower.

We also continued with the garden works in the week (unfortunately didn't upset the moody Russian neighbour again this time despite our best efforts to wind her up)  and did some additional tree work and also removed the conifers stumps between the wild area and the lawn. It will now be possible to get the mower and ride on equipment in. Next stage is getting in a landscape designer to finalise the plan- hopefully including a large area of wildflower meadow. 

More on all this here: THE OLD VICARAGE

 Spotted Flycatcher 
 Coal Tit 
 Pale Tussock
Green Carpet
Celypha lacunana
 Stumps removed 
Sweet William- plenty of garden plants now flowering

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