Monday, 8 May 2017


Had a quick look at Otmoor this morning: Ebird List

 Ringtail Hen Harrier still around 

 Third calender year Marsh Harrier 
 Female Yellow Wagtail- one of four with 2 Wheatear on Sheep Field 
 A Barn Swallow taking a rest in this cold north wind
 The local pair of Cranes moving distantly over North Flood 
 The resident Ross's Goose 
The resident pair of Snow Geese. According to my Madge and Burns there's two races of Snow Goose- Lesser and Greater with Blue Phase (this pair) being common in Lesser but extremely rare in Greater. Presumably the darker more contrasting bird on the right is a male and the more washed out bird on the left is a female? There is rather strangely a rather large population of Snow Geese in Oxfordshire : SEE HERE

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