Monday, 29 May 2017

Summer Time in Oxfordshire

I truly cannot express in words or song how wonderful it is to get out of Beddington! 

 Forester and Common Spotted Orchid - Bernwood Meadows
 Four-spot Chaser - Otmoor
 Green-winged Orchid- Bernwood Meadow 
Cheloisa sp?
 Green-winged Orchids at Bernwood Meadows a couple of weeks ago 
 Same view today- now covered in Meadow Buttercups and Yellow Rattle and lots more Common Spotted Orchids 
 Bernwood Meadows- awash with Yellow Rattle, Green-winged and Common Spotted Orchids
Common Blues
Glyphipterix fuscoviridella (probably)- Cheers Billy again! 

Lady's Smock 
 Marbled Coronet from the Old Vicarage trap last night 
 Fallow Deer- about 15 or so again in the field near Holly's. This whole area is literally magical!

Now back to the unfolding WAR. 

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