Thursday, 19 January 2017

Post-truth world

In the post truth world very important to have all your scientific data available on line to support any arguments. Here's an on line version of the 2015 Beddington Farmlands Bird and Wildlife Report with most recent published data on the declines of wildlife at the farmlands. Read it and examine it in as much detail as anyone likes. 
Beddington Farmlands is one of the most studied ecological communities in the country. 
The Beddington Bird and Wildlife Report is compiled using data from various sources:
a) BFBG member sightings and co-ordinated counts which are conducted on a near daily basis.
b) Ornithological Survey Reports conducted by MKA Ecology Ltd commissioned by Viridor.
c) BTO and partners coordinated Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS, CBS) and Wetland Bird Surveys
(WEBs) carried out by Derek Coleman and BFBG members.
d) Ringing Effort results by Mike Netherwood and the Beddington Farmlands Ringing Station
e) Regular Moth trapping by Peter Alfrey from the ‘obs’ and occasional additional moth trapping
by Derek Coleman and others
f) Bat surveys conducted by MKA Ecology Ltd, commissioned by Viridor
g) Habitat surverys conducted MKA Ecology Ltd, commissioned by Viridor
h) Results from the London Tree Sparrow Partnership

Records are submitted for compilation into regional recording schemes organized by:
1) London Natural History Society
2) Surrey Bird Club
3) British Trust for Ornithology
4) British Bird Rarities Committee

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