Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ghana Day 2 Shai Hills

Spent this morning in the Shai Hills and on the way back to Afia Beach we popped into Sakumono Lagoon again. Here's a few picture highlights:

Olive Baboon - a good population in Shai Hills Reserve
Female Kob, Shai Hills
Mauretanian Tomb Bat- a colony at Shai Hills. Also passed a colony of Straw-coloured Fruit Bats in Accra.
Pied Kingfisher at Sakumono
Grey Hornbill
Piping Hornbill- an ususual find at Shai Hills
Grey-backed Camaroptera
Viellot's Barbet
Yellow-throated Longclaw
African Monarch

Large garnet minerals in most of the rocks at Shai Hills. The geology is composed of garnet gneiss- a distinctive wavy pattern rock.

Team 2017


Arjun Dutta said...

Excellent pictures Peter!

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Arjun!