Friday, 6 January 2017

Gull Day

First-winter Yellow-legged Gull

Despite doing a near dawn to dusker on the gulls at the farmlands there was not much return. The juvenile Glacuous Gull was good to see again and we also had a first winter and adult Yellow-legged Gull. Unfortunately no Caspian Gulls (despite at least six being seen in last few days) and still no Med Gull- becoming a real scarcity in these parts.

Back to real work on Monday (not as hard as a week of gulling!) 

Estimate on gull numbers in last week include:

Herring Gull 10-15000+
Black-headed Gull 3000+
Lesser Black-backed Gull 250+
Great Black-backed Gull 50+
Common Gull 30+
Caspian Gull 6
Yellow-legged Gull 4
Glaucous Gull 1
Iceland Gull 1
('Northern Herring Gull' 10+) 

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