Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ghana Day 1 Sakumono Lagoon and Afia Beach

First day on another trip to Ghana (2013 trip report HERE). Targeting some new areas this time and concentrating in the forests in the south and west. Today Jaff and I were waiting for the other trip members so had a look round Sakumono Lagoon and did some seawatching off Afia Beach. 
E-bird list for Sakumono HERE. Additionally had Royal Terns, Pomarine Skuas (2+) and Arctic Skuas (10+) off Afia Beach. 

 Wattled Lapwing
 Spur-winged Lapwing and Greenshank 
 Double-toothed Barbet 
 Yellow-crowned Gonolek 
 Collared Pratincole 
 Cattle Egrets 
 Talapia and Banku. Good to be back on the local food. So far had Red-red and fried Plantain and Ocra stew with banku. Will try and get some Fufu tomorrow. 
 Afia Beach Hotel- our digs for next couple of days 
Afia Beach- complete with feral pig. 

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