Thursday, 19 January 2017

A few bits from last few days

Interesting looking Herring Gull with quite a few features recalling American Herring Gull 

Presumably something from Iceland? Maybe a few AMHG genes in there? Maybe a LBB with a pale inner primary window? Hybrid Herring x LBB perhaps? 
An interesting looking Herring Gull with a few Thayer's Gull like features 

Presumably a Herring Gull with maybe some white-winger genes in there? Too pale on the upper parts for Argie. The p9 is a pretty nice 'Thayeri' pattern. 
An interesting Black-headed Gull 
A Black Swan and a White Swan 

 A first-winter Caspian Gull 
 Last Friday Dave, Christian, Magnus and myself set up a new ringing area on 100 acre 

The chimneys are going on. Met up with the site ecologist last week- basically sounds like Viridor are kicking the can down the road with the wet grassland which we suspected they would do despite their promises and events in the summer which we suspected we were being taken for a ride with. We did everything to keep things friendly and amicable. The campaign needs to step up now as we've only got two years or less before 100 acre and south east corner dry out leaving us with no wetland habitat for the breeding Lapwings. Basically its all out war now until they meet the s106 conditions, back to Plan A:  PLAN A

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