Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017 Plans for Mice and Men

The Plans 

Just been finalising and tweaking our management plans for 2017. 

Implementing plans is an amusing game. It's basically like a game of king of the rings with bulldozers where you just try and bulldoze your plan through (in this case a nature and people one) while the capitalists and other Lords of darkness and their orks try and stop you and bulldoze over the top of you. 

It's a laugh- the plans rarely work out as planned, last year we dealt with kin theft and betrayal, sabotage within the inner sanctum, the usual episodes of mob lynching and mutiny, corporate deceit, ram sacking gangs, councillor bribes, seduction and loss of territory- all while just trying to do a bit of gardening and bird spotting! Shoot for the Moon- land in the shitter! 

I guess in a densely populated environment with some many competing views and agendas everyone is fighting over the same resources- there's a danger that everything just ends up getting ripped to pieces. Trying to get the bulldozers to do a bit of line dancing and working together building something creatively seems a much better idea but seemingly quite an unpopular one. 

Will see how we get on on this years trip round the sun on this maddening planet floating in the bleakness of infinite nothingness. 

Main objectives for us this year  on the different projects are:

Little Oak Environmental Management
a) Set up Cell 2 (our first franchise chain) 
b) Implement first phase of wildlife gardens in Hackbridge
c) Implement first phase of green space improvements in Hackbridge

Beddington Farmlands
a) Campaign for Wet Grassland and implementation of s106 conditions
b) Increase members and activities in wildlife group/ integrate with CAMC
c) Continue bio-blitz and improving recording systems 

Azores Nature
a) Improve recording systems
b) 2015 and 2016 Reports
c) Bird Fair event to promote tours

Thee Bryans
a) Summer World of Twigg/Thee Bryans mini-tour
b) Finalise web spaces 

a) Mobile obs trips using e-bird and i-record
b) The Old Vicarage Bioblitz/ Oxfordshire birding

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