Monday, 12 September 2016

Preparing for War and then....... blinking Peace!!!

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Just reflecting on the recent turn of events with Viridor driving through a whole series of initiatives to fulfil their environmental and social obligations at the farmlands. They've pledged (in writing) to start developing a 60+ acre wet grassland within the next few weeks, have completed the Restoration Management Plan, set up the new conservation and access committee and commenced implementing that plan, have started arranging public engagement events and are planning on maintaining the effort, developing visitor facilities and are working closer with the bird and local community groups to meet all the conservation and community targets. They have also pledged support to local community initiatives that integrate the farmlands with the local neighbourhoods and also support the development of visitor access on the River Wandle side of the reserve.

This is all a very sudden and significant turn of events following years of decline and stagnation and basically is all pretty fantastic.

The only down side is that we spent a great deal of time and effort building contacts with radical groups and preparing to launch a full scale direct action campaign ( a very entertaining and fun one) on Viridor to raise the profile of the distressing situation at the farmlands as it was looking like that as our only option. It's all a bit disappointing that we've had to call it all off!! It was going to be epic and the best fun we've ever had!!

If anyone else needs a radical direct action campaign- got one going here. Reasonable mercenary rates. 

The first in a series in the 'Insane Campaign' 


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

I don't think you're actually disappointed! But yes, this is amazing news, the more so given the bleak picture that has been described. Well done for sticking at it, direct action or indirection, the point is it is action, and it has got results.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Jono. Certainly not disappointed about the results, although the proof will be in when they actually finish the wet grassland- all the habitats will require the necessary management commitment. WWT consultancy are overseeing the development so hopefully got the best team possible.
Got the direct action platoon in the wings for any backsliding that might occur :-)