Sunday, 11 September 2016

Open Day Weekend

 The second in two recent public events led by Viridor. Today the emphasis was looking at the waste management operation and also the restoration
 Corporate Sid 
 Noticed this cat playing with something in the obs garden 
 A zoom up revealed a Shrew sp.
 Comma- quite a few butterflies in the warm and sunny conditions. Seemed to be a light passage of Red Admiral moving east to west. 
50+ moths in the trap on Friday night. Mainly Vine's Rustic, Square-spot Rustic, Setaceous Hebrew Character and Pale Mottled Willow. 
 Eudonia angustea
 Lunar Underwing- the first for the year
 A worn Flounced Rustic (cheers Billy) 

 Beetle sp- not one I've noticed before. The swollen hind legs makes it very distinctive. Roger Booth (aka Beetlejuice) ids it as Psylliodes chrysocephala). 
 Aberrant first-winter Herring Gull, overall pale with a broken, chequered tail band
The giant lego kit incinerator coming along 


Bomber said...

Hi Pete, hope all good squire? I do still look in occasionally but I don't think you need my help any more! That said, is your mystery moth one of the Euxoa (White-line Dart) group? I think the taxonomy has become a bit clouded but that would be my best guess on this one. I have no idea of status up there though. Cheers Bomber

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Bomber! Great to hear from you- and good to know you're still keeping an eye on your old pupil. I'm a bit dodgy on the moths still- so glad to know.
Surrey moths went for a worn Flounced Rustic on the mystery moth- which I suspected it might be ??

Bomber said...

OO-er, yes a classic example of me getting the size wrong from a photo! I'm sure that's all good. I should know better than to comment on a photo, wouldn't give these a second glance in the trap! Cheers Pete