Saturday, 24 September 2016

Autumn Saturday

 Snipes on 100 acre. At least 20 around at the moment. Also the first Jack Snipe of the autumn yesterday.
 Male Mandarin on 100 acre- still a scarce local bird. There's a Garganey on south lake today too but I couldn't find it. 
 Lapwings on 100 acre, 20+ around at the moment 
 Common Buzzard- now a more or less daily occurrence- this fresh juvenile bird can be aged by lack of moult limits in wing or tail and diffuse border to the trailing edge of the wing and tail 
 A pale phase Common Buzzard moving south- not a local bird as would recognise this distinctive individual 
 Sallow- a classic autumn moth, mimicking autumn leaves 
 Black Rustic- a beautiful black velvet texture to these
First time I've seen one of these- like a large Centurion Fly but with a red segments on the abdomen 
 Loads of crane flies around at the moment 
and cranes too! 

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