Saturday, 25 June 2016

Izzy Day

Spent today with niece Izzy who was up for a shopping/ nature combo day out. She blew the day budget by 11am so we went back to the obs to do the moths (another good evening) and then we went over the farmlands for a walk and having a look at the butterflies and day flying moths. 

  Not many better starts to the day

 Lab work 
 Marbled White- first for the year. Also increasing numbers of Meadow Brown and Common Blue on the mound. More Silver Ys up there. If the weather is good tomorrow will do an intensive search up on the grassland tomorrow as looks like entomological communities are building now. 
Rusty Dot Pearl. First for the year. Other moths new for the year yesterday and day before included Dwarf Cream Wave, Mottled Rustic, Dark Arches, Straw Dot, Grey Tortrix, Bee Moth, Double-striped Pug,  C.falsella and Barred Yellow

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