Saturday, 4 June 2016

A very local day

I went out this morning to check the farmlands but didn't get very far as there was so much going on within a few tens of meters of the 'obs' door. I bumped into Tony and Danielle who were working on the Bedzed field and then thought I'd check out the field north of there. The council have controversially (don't get me started) prepared the ground to build a new school (human plague, keep moving) but things have halted and the area is beginning to re-colonize following some earth moving and archaeological works. The Diamond-back Moth invasion is building round here- must have been 100+ on the field and they are also all over the obs garden too. After having a look round the field I spent some time around the obs doing a bit on the wildlife garden.

Field North of Bedzed
Linnets were holding territory 
 Male Reed Bunting holding territory (great news considering this species has crashed in the Viridor lease area) 
 Common Whitethroat- several pairs in this area 

 Diamond-back moths, the pale form seems to be the most common one involved in the national invasion. At least 100 in the field and also more around the obs.
 Coleophora trifolii - found this amongst the Diamond-backs
 Black-tailed Skimmer 
Xanthogramma pedissequum
Robber Fly sp?
Literally no idea?? Diptera sp- striking looking 
Andrena sp? (Tawny Mining Bee?) 
The area scraped for the school is beginning to re-colonise. Plenty of weld and attracting large numbers of bees.

The obs
Diamond-back Moths- 20+ in the trap and several more in the wildlife garden
Orange Footman
Male Common Swift 
Still working on it 
Marbled Minor
The obs gardens are doing as planned- looking pretty and attracting lots of insects 
Mint moth
 Did a bit of guerilla Swift boxing yesterday- will see how long it takes for the management company anti-nature fascists to notice
And my cousin Reno risking life and limb to stick up a Bat box
My annexing of the beds around the other block has gone un-noticed, I've also got an area of wild meadow growing (fuck the system!) 

Diamond-back moths

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