Sunday, 12 June 2016

Festoon etc

 Male Festoon- a first for the farmlands 
 Beautiful Hook-tip
 Grass Rivulet- three of these last night
 Treble Bar (or Lesser?) from a few days ago.
 It was a Sid day today but the rain stopped us doing much outside- we checked out his new chicken tractor (made out of re-used bits lying around) at Little Woodcote House and then went to the farmlands hide for a bit before back to the obs for some lab work.  
We started going through this cat and patio window kill collection that I recently acquired. Will prepare some skins when I get a chance. 55 million birds a year in UK are killed by cats- once again a reminder of the conservation crisis in our own country and the need to focus on individual co-operation in any systems/behaviour that contribute to that crisis. 

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