Wednesday, 22 June 2016

High Summer Stuff

 Sedge Warbler- an adult bringing food to young free flying birds 
 Still three Shovelers around- although no sign of any young. Also 6 Teal, 4-5 Gadwall and Pochard. Mute Swans on 100 acre are still sitting on eggs (presumably cold), three young have been lost on the North Lake but all is well on the Southern Lake with six young still. 
 Four Med Gulls flew over high today- also 1 Green Sandpiper on 100 acre- the autumn movements have started 
 A Common Tern- another migrant today 
 Female Mandarin on 100 acre on Jim's Pit
 Young Grey Wagtail- another breeding success 
 Anania perlucidalis- a first for the farmlands (thanks Steve from Surrey Moths for id confirmation). Been pretty good for moths in last few days.  
 Rosy Footman 
 Ephestia unicolorella (left) and something (right) 
 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix
 Large Red Damselfly- one or two in Gillian's Wildlife Garden 
 Fly sp- pretty distinctive, the abdomen looked like a lady bird? Gymnosoma rotundatum - new for site? 
Ichneumon wasp Amblyteles armatorius
 Wetland habitat east of the incinerator- currently being put forward for de-designation from MOL (where will all this end?) 
 Great Lettuce - I did well encouraging Gillian to keep this growing in her garden- a 'super-sized weed' - about 12ft high. I think it's a brilliant plant but after getting away with it for so long had to follow orders and dig it up. 
 Prickly Lettuce- similar to the Great Lettuce but basically prickly and not so great  
Hairy Tare? Growing on the Bedzed field 
Gillians Wildlife Garden - five years on this little bit of habitat is doing well and also aligned with neighbours efforts to improve their patches too- there now a nice little strip in this area. We planted this in 2011: PLANTING GILLIAN'S GARDEN
The new Sutton Council Plan also outlines proposals to re-designate this land. The only area of semi-natural grassland in the SINC. 
The bird group wildflower meadow has become an Ox-eye Daisy meadow- plenty of insects feeding on them 

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