Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Grassland Moths etc

Pale (left) and dark form of Diamond-back moth- I did the southern mound, across to 100 acre and then bikers and the field north of bedzed- there are 1000s!!! of diamond backs. The southern mound was mental today- not just diamonds but a whole assemblage of grassland moths including Agapeta hamana, crambus perlella, chrysoteuchia culmella, Blood vein, Burnet Companion, Yellowshell, homoeosoma sinuella, Coleophora trifolii, Celypha lucunana, Aethes sp and a few others (below) that I haven't identified yet. Also 3 Painted Ladys and several Common Blues up there. Literally 1000s and 1000s of moths!
Provisional ids as usual corrections welcome 
Aethes sp?
Homoeosoma sinuella
Sitochroa verticalis
Celypha lacunana
Notocelia sp?
Female Common Blue- a beautiful bright one. Also three Painted Ladys on the southern mound.

At least two flocks of Long-tailed tits today with family parties and young birds. Probably 20+ birds in total.
Some mid-summer duck movements occurring with 3 male Teal on 100 acre and 3 Pochard on North Lake. Also the Mallards are beginning to moult into eclipse plumage. Also 3 Shoveler a couple of days ago. 
Most surprising was the number of Gadwall around- over 20 on Jims Bed on 100 acre 

This doesn't do it justice but the diamond-backs were coming up in 10s with every foot step- right across the mound. The farmlands is 400 acres which is 1618742.57 m2- even if there was 1 diamond-back per m2 there would be 1.5 million moths?? That can't be right??  


Unknown said...

Hi Pete , Its Steve Wood ex beddington Hobby watcher , great blog and very informed, keep up the good work mate

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi mate- great to hear from you!