Sunday, 5 June 2016

Beddington Farmlands Public Summer Walk

 Common Blue on Plaintain
 Painted Lady, one by the Bedzed cafe today- good numbers are arriving in the country at the moment joining the Diamond-back Moth invasion. There was another swarm on Diamond-backs on the southern mound- so an estimated 200+ on site at the moment. 
 A picture-winged Fly
 Blood Vein
 Cornflowers, Corn cockles, Corn Marigolds and mustards flowering on the Northern Mound

Micros in the trap last night (some provisional ids- corrections welcome)
 Celypha lacuana
 Eudonia angustea 
 Eudonia pallida 
 Homoeosoma sinuella
 Blastobasis lacticolella - actually Platyedra subcinerea (Cheers Billy!  Surrey moths FB group) 
Ash bud moth Prays fraxinella (if correct id, new for farmlands) 
Cochylis atricapitana
 Coleophora sp? (maybe C.anatipennella- Pistol Case-bearer?) Surrey moths id as Aspilapteryx tringipennella. (cheers Mike!)  New for me. 
No idea? Surrey moths suggest Roeslerstammia erxlebella. (Cheers Philip)  or Prays rufinella or ruficeps (cheers Mike) 


Arjun Dutta said...

Its astounding the number of Diamondback moths that have been seen recently.
While refilling garden feeders on Friday I realized that there were a fair few around our garden. There were about 15 all around the garden!
Why are there so many around?

Lee Dingain said...

There must be a heck of a lot more than 200+ Diamond-backs on the farm at the moment? Surely you missed off a zero or three?

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Arjun- I think it is related to hostile conditions on the continent. Presumably they are being forced out. ? Will be interesting to read the write up/analysis on this later.

Peter Alfrey said...

Going out today Lee to check the whole area - 200 is definitely an underestimate