Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Sermon

People who experience significant depression, anxiety and grave concerns do not suffer from these things, they suffer from the inability to be stupid and blind. An ability (a gift) hard wired into the human condition, to project the species from its primate origins, through a period of rapid expansion, experimentation and social evolution ahead of a period of selection where those who have made the correct conclusions in the experiments, identified that the source of all problems is their own stupidity and developed behavioural patterns and connected to evolving systems that override the conditional hard wiring. These individuals will survive to develop an advanced system which now appears in embryonic form. Those who fail, will become extinct and pass un-noticed and unrecorded. Life is a game, not only a game of who can collect the most things and achieve status in a great distraction that echoes our simian pasts, a past from which we are fleeing to a future we are not quite ready for yet. It is a game of whose genes, values, creations and ideas will persist beyond the extinction event. During any extinction event, it is the macro fauna and the large powerful beasts who are the most vulnerable. Those who survive are smaller, light, adaptable, co-operative, patient and intelligent.

And a hymn about the revenge of nature. 

Song synopsis: Starts off with a commonplace story about humans showing little regard for nature, then the musical apocalypse as a great war between the planet and humans occurs and then at the end everyone's happy and learnt some lessons. Happy Days.

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