Friday, 20 May 2016


Good to see this side of things developing.

This is what we need more of, the disruption of unethical business practises. The only language that these boards understand is the one that affects their bottom line and their shareholder reports. In nearly all ways the official democratic process of consultation, petition signing, voting etc has become a distraction, a buffer to exhaust energy of the general population. It is corporate boards that fund the political process and use that funding to get the policies and regulation that they want.

It has become blindingly obvious that political negotiation and enforcement of social and environmental obligation is very limited in serving social and environmental priorities unless backed up by democratic enforcement. I would say there is a social and environmental obligation by all members of civil society to vote with their behaviour and engage in civil disobedience when a civil society has transformed by stealth back into an uncivilised and corrupt society, one that is upheld by a political system which have been charged with the duty of defending civil society, and have betrayed that trust.

In fact I think it is a theme that continues to recur throughout history and we simply find ourselves at a time when the general population are forced to demonstrate their collective power- again. 

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