Thursday, 12 May 2016



Our neighbourhood plan is currently out for public consultation. The plan includes various improvements to local biodiversity and green space infrastructure:

1) Biodiversity improvements to existing green spaces- wildflower meadows, wildlife friendly planting schemes, tree planting, hedge planting and bulb planting.
2) Strengthening of green corridors (for wildlife and access links) to link Beddington Farmlands with the River Wandle and the Wandle Valley Regional Park
3) Guidelines for new developers to follow recommendations from RSPB, Butterfly Conservation and RHS with regards to provision for nature in new developments
4) The development of an ecology park and visitor facilities in Hackbridge for engagement with the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve
5) Wildlife gardening projects for local private gardens
6) Green Space Management Schemes for communal estates

Unfortunately the plan is receiving very little support from the council, local councillors or our member of parliament who all seem to be allied to large scale developers and profiteering objectives and mainstream political party connections.


One of the many examples of improvements already achieved - MORE HERE

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