Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Day out- Glastonbury

Spent the last couple of days duffering about in Glastonbury, stalking the tourist sites and joining the walking dead window shopping for souvenirs and novelties. It was actually quite pleasant, in a kind of resigning yourself to a eternity in hell way. My descent into the dude and duffer abyss continues, falling, falling.... I thought the monks of old were trying to tell me something

 Glastonbury Abbey- I wonder what the old monks would have thought about Glastonbury now being the Pagan centre of the entire universe (I'd love to see their smug scalped faces respond to that revelation that their entire lives spent wondering around the Abbey grounds, praying, abstaining and studying the ways of the Universe and constructing,projecting and enforcing a world view that would later evolve into the anti-christ of Capitalism was all so that the Pagans could take the lot and turn it in a mystical centre for orbbing, dowsing, rimming, witchcraft and wizardry- hahahahha- you stupid bald bastards!! lol) 
 Lovely long grass in an orchard- now Gaia is safe and the future of humanity is secured cuz someone's saving money by cutting down on the lawn contractors and  'letting it grow'- three for the price of one, less hours for the Polish, more money for the contractor boss (and he's really intelligent and complex idea of what nature is) and more grass for the inverts (grasshoppers and other things that nobody gives a fuck about and nobody's recording anyway). 
 I might actually copy this- letting it grow under the trees- that will save the boss having to pay the Polish to get the strimmers out
 The Abbey Nature Reserve- relatively speaking a tiny patch in the corner, nicely settled within Glastonbury town centre, a town centre surrounded in the bleak wasteland of the wider intensively farmed countryside where the Silent Spring has arrived 
 A lovely pond- the pinnacle of humankind's devotion to Gaia, her 3.6 billion year history (of slaughtering and destroying wave after wave of her disappointments)  
 Some blossom- awwwwww. If we just focus on that blossom and shut the entire rest of what is going on, on this shitty planet- all seems well- in a positively psychotic, deluded and hell bound way.
 More loveliness- plants and herbs with healing properties-chew on some of that to appease the storm and don't worry about the plague of humans devouring the entire biosphere
 Fern-leaved Beech- actually quite a nice tree
 Buckeye Chestnut- a new one for me. 
 Something distinctive that would be easy to identify if I could be arsed too
 Nuthatch breeding in the wildlife area
 A distinctive looking hoverfly which would require me looking in Roger Morris book to remind myself of the name because I've forgotten it and now can't be arsed to look it up again
I've even qualified to top level in Zombieland- got myself one of these- a bloody girlfriend.Can things really get any worse! (She's actually lovely and well up for destroying the capitalists and then driving off into Western Sahara this winter to get away from all this WANK!!!!!!) 


Steve Gale said...

Peter, I have been following your descent into madness most keenly, as I think that I am only a couple of steps behind you.

Peter Alfrey said...

lol- I'll see you on the other side. Much better over here :-)

Lee Dingain said...

Stay on target.

Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Take a deep breath and relax! You're booked in for Western Sahara in April on a WISBO which should ease the pain.

Peter Alfrey said...

Its gone from mission drift to mission slide!!
Jaff- am I really booked in for Western Sahara next April?

DorsetDipper said...

Did you see the Glastonbury thorn? I love the legend that Jesus came to Glastonbury to found a church and planted the thorn. William Blake obviously loved it too ("And did those feet in ancient times ...").

I would have you down as a William Blake fan? Would I be right?

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes saw the Glastonbury Thorn in the Abbey- it's supposed to flower twice a year someone said?
William Blake, yes a fan. A caution for twitchers and listers?? 'If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite'