Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A few bits from a regular day

  Had a quick on the farmlands lakes this morning- the Mute Swans cygnets are out on the Northern Lake now (so two pair of the three pairs now have young) 
Adela cuprella in the meadow by the hide
Blue-tails and Common Blue Damselflies are out now 
Holly Blue in Gillian's Garden
Spent the afternoon in the Hackbridge wildlife gardens- first at Gillians and then to Silverdale 
Adam on Bedzed has got a new shed with a green roof 
Bedzed gardens 
Picked this hand sized bouquet yesterday from my sisters garden- which has become wonderfully overgrown- Bluebells, Forsythia, Lilac, Green Alkanet, Field forget-me-not, Wisteria, Meadow buttercup, Lawsons Cypress, Rowan, Daisy, Rosemary and Herb Robert.

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