Saturday, 7 May 2016

A load of Pollocks

Went on a fishing trip today out from Newhaven with the Little Oak gang. I did a bit of fishing but mainly turned it into a birding pelagic. The skipper seemed to keep a tight ship with Dogfish, Seabass and Gurnard caught and released with Pollock, Plaice, Channel Whiting and Pout Whiting going to market. Saw a Gannet take a Garfish so we had seven species of fish for the day list. 

The birding was okay and some good photo ops- unfortunately no Poms which is what I was hoping for (annoying as they had a record day of Poms off Dunge yesterday with 121 moving east but only one today.)

 Northern Gannets- about 30+ today

 Northern Fulmar- about 40+ today
 Unusual looking Fulmar- intermediate type?
 Kittiwake- about 10 or so
 Common Tern- a light passage of Common Tern (about 30+)
 Guillemot (about 15 of them and also 2-3 Razorbills) 
 3 distant Black Terns moved east. Also 2 Bonxies and 1 Arctic Skua
 Pollock- caught a couple of these over the wrecks
Thanks for a great day with Steve, Iaon, Toby (who vomed), Luey and Reno. 

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