Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Day after

 Lesser Treble Bar-a new one fore me and only second for the farmlands
 Agriphila tristella- a crambus-type with a broad central white stripe this time of year locally is most probably this species
 Agriphila geniculea- The double V shaped bands is a good indicator of this species
No sign of the Quail today despite a search in between the heavy rain. 2 Spotted Redshanks were the highlight of the day. Greenshank and Ruff still present and good waterfowl numbers again. A flock of hirundines were hawking low over the Southern Lake (10+ Swift, 20 House Martin , 20 Swallow and a few Sand Martins).
It was relatively calm and in between weather fronts last night so I put the moth trap on. Best was Lesser Treble Bar but also Vine Rustics, Pale Mottled Willows, Agriphilas (above), Straw Underwing, Jersey Tiger, Knot Grass, Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, Greater Yellow Underwing and Mother of Pearl (also in the nettles).  

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