Saturday, 29 August 2015

Stone Age Lunch

Sid, Iris and I decided to see if we could collect our lunch from the wild today
 First stop was Beddington Park Spring for some water
Then over to the nature reserve to see what we could find to eat
 We got a bit distracted as the Birders were gripping us off - a Pec Sand was around and also raptors were on the move
 We had a Red Kite
and a Common Buzzard
 Then we went collecting- Apples, Blackberries, Wild Plums, Mullberries (actually from the Park), some Mallow leaves, Mints, Eleagnus berries (from the Obs hedges) and some Rose Hips.

  Lunch was served back at the Obs 
  Then we processed the moth trap and found this Small Mottled Willow- a first for Beddington Farmlands
 Then back to drop Sid and Iris back home, where we released this juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker that Steve had caught with his bare hands- saved it from the talons of a Sparrowhawk
Then I went back to the farmlands to look for the Pec Sand and came across this Mandarin walking along the path. All in all, a bit of an odd day. 

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